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Suggestions for IPDAS Quality Dimensions


IPDAS is an international collaboration that aims to enhance the quality and effectiveness of patient decision aids.

To this end, IPDAS has created an IPDAS Checklist that can be used as an evidence-informed framework for improving the content, development, and evaluation of patient decision aids. [Elwyn et al., in BMJ 2006; 333(7565) 417]

The original IPDAS Checklist consists of 12 Quality Dimensions, which are:

  1. Using A Systematic Development Process
  2. Providing Information About Options
  3. Presenting Probabilities
  4. Clarifying And Expressing Values
  5. Using Personal Stories
  6. Guiding / Coaching In Deliberation And Communication
  7. Disclosing Conflicts Of Interest
  8. Delivering Decision Aids On The Internet
  9. Balancing The Presentation of Information and Options
  10. Addressing Health Literacy
  11. Basing Information On Comprehensive, Critically Appraised, And Up-To-Date Syntheses Of The Scientific Evidence
  12. Establishing The Effectiveness

Each of these 12 Quality Dimensions incorporates several dimension-specific Criteria.

Current Situation

Given rapid developments in this field, itís necessary for the IPDAS Collaboration to regularly review the Quality Dimensions and specific Criteria.

  • Some of the current Quality Dimensions / Criteria may need to be replaced.
  • New Quality Dimensions / Criteria may need to be added to the current Checklist.

The Purpose of this Document

The IPDAS Collaborationís Steering Committee invites you to provide us with your opinion about modifying the existing–or adding new–Quality Dimensions / Quality Criteria to the IPDAS Checklist.

Please copy and paste the questions below into an email message, provide the requested information and send it to ipdas@ohri.ca. Submissions will be reviewed by the IPDAS Collaborationís Steering Committee.

1. Date of submission:

2. Name of applicant(s) and contact information (including email address):

3. Proposed quality dimension and/or criteria within existing dimension(s), including replacements:

4. Rationale (please supply additional material if required):

5. References: please provide any references that support your suggestion(s) (include as many as you think are relevant, starting with the most relevant):

Last modified: 2018-08-31.