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Who's Involved?

Those involved in ongoing work for the IPDAS Collaboration are listed below.

For more details see the Terms of Reference.

Steering Committee
Dawn Stacey PhD (co-lead) University of Ottawa CA
Robert J Volk PhD (co-lead) University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center US
Michael Barry MD Harvard Medical School US
Hilary Bekker Leeds University UK
Nananda Col MD University of New England US
Angela Coulter PhD University of Oxford UK
Martin Härter MD PhD Dipl Psych University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf DE
Tammy Hoffman Bond University AU
Kirsten McCaffery University of Sydney AU
Nora Moumjid PhD GRESAC, CNRS, Centre Léon Bérard FR
Michael Pignone MD MPH University of Texas at Austin US
Karina Dahl Steffensen University of South Denmark DK
Richard Thomson MD University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK
Lyndal Trevena PhD University of Sydney AU
Trudy van der Weijden PhD University of Maastricht NL
Holly Witteman Laval University CA

People involved in the IPDAS 2.0 update (2018 to present).

Co-Leads Robert J Volk and Dawn Stacey with the IPDAS Steering Committee
Chapter A Using a Systematic Development Process
Co-Leads Robert J Volk and Holly Witteman
Team Members Pending
Chapter B Providing Balanced Information About Options
Co-Leads Karina Dahl Steffensen and Richard W Martin
Team Members Pending
Chapter C Presenting Probabilities
Co-Leads Lyndal Trevena and Brian Zikmund‑Fisher
Team Members Pending
Chapter D Clarifying and Expressing Values
Lead Holly Witteman
Team Members Pending
Chapter E Using Personal Stories
Co-Leads Hilary L Bekker and Victoria Shaffer
Team Members Pending
Chapter F Guiding / Coaching in Deliberation and Communication
Co-Leads Dawn Stacey, Sascha Koepke, and Janet Jull
Team Members Pending
Chapter G Disclosing Conflicts of Interest
Co-Leads Clarence Braddock and Rachel Thomson
Team Members Pending
Chapter H Addressing Health Literacy
Lead Kirsten McCaffery
Team Members Pending
Chapter I Basing Information on Comprehensive, Critically Appraised, and Up-To-Date Syntheses of the Scientific Evidence
Lead Tammy Hoffman
Team Members Pending
Chapter J Establishing the Effectiveness
Co-Leads Karen Sepucha and Richard Thomson
Team Members Pending
Chapter K Implementation
Co-Leads Trudy van der Weijden and Natalie Joseph-Williams
Team Members Pending

People involved in the 2012 update of the IPDAS Collaboration Background Document.

Lead Robert J Volk and Hillary Llewellyn‑Thomas
Chapter A Using a Systematic Development Process
Lead Angela Coulter
Team Members Jennifer Kryworuchko, Patricia Mullen, Chirk-Jenn Ng, Diana Stilwell, Trudy van der Weijden
Chapter B Providing Information About Options
Lead Deb Feldman-Stewart
Co-lead Mary Ann O’Brien
Team Members Marla Clayman, Joyce Davison, Masahito Jimbo, Michel Labrecque, Richard W Martin, Heather Shepherd
Chapter C Presenting Probabilities
Co-leads Lyndal Trevena and Brian Zikmund‑Fisher
Team Members Adrian Edwards, Wolfgang Gaissmaier, Mirta Galesic, Paul Han, John King, Margaret Lawson, Suzanne Linder, Isaac Lipkus, Elissa Ozanne, Ellen Peters, Danielle Timmermans, Steven Woloshin
Chapter D Clarifying and Expressing Values
Co-leads Michael Pignone and Angie Fagerlin
Team Members Purva Abhyankar, Nananda Col, Deb Feldman‑Stewart, Teresa Gavaruzzi, Jennifer Kryworuchko, Carrie A Levin, Arwen Pieterse, Valerie Reyna, Laura Scherer, Anne Stiggelbout, Celia Wills, Holly Witteman
Chapter E Using Personal Stories
Lead Hilary L Bekker
Co-lead Anna Winterbottom
Team Members Phyllis Butow, Amanda Dillard, Deb Feldman‑Stewart, Jack Fowler, Maria Jibaja‑Weiss, Victoria Shaffer, Robert J Volk
Chapter F Guiding / Coaching in Deliberation and Communication
Lead Dawn Stacey
Team Members Jeff Belkora, Kate Clay, Joyce Davison, Marie‑Anne Durand, Karen B. Eden, Aubri Hoffman, Mirjam Koerner, Jennifer Kryworuchko, France Légaré, Marie‑Chantal Loiselle, Richard Street
Chapter G Disclosing Conflicts of Interest
Lead Michael Barry
Co-lead Clarence Braddock
Team Members Evelyn Chan, Benjamin Moulton, Sunita Sah, Magenta Simmons
Chapter H Delivering Decision Aids on the Internet
Lead Aubri Hoffman
Co-lead Robert J Volk
Team Members Martin Härter, Linda Li, Hilary Llewellyn‑Thomas, Anton Saarimaki, Christine Stirling
Chapter I Balancing The Presentation of Information and Options
Lead Peep Stalmeier
Co-lead Robert J Volk
Team Members Purva Abhyankar, Jennifer Blumenthal‑Barby, Paulina Bravo, Angela Buchholz, Nananda Col, Elissa Ozanne, Dale Collins Vidal
Chapter J Addressing Health Literacy
Co-leads Kirsten McCaffery, Stacey Sheridan, and Don Nutbeam
Team Members Marla Clayman, Karen Kelly‑Blake, Margaret Holmes‑Rovner, David Rovner, Sian Smith, Mike Wolf
Chapter K Basing Information On Comprehensive, Critically Appraised, And Up-To-Date Syntheses Of The Scientific Evidence
Lead Victor Montori
Co-lead Annie Leblanc
Team Members Angela Buchholz, Diana Stilwell, Apostolos Tsapas
Chapter L Establishing the Effectiveness
Co-leads Karen Sepucha and Richard Thomson
Team Members Cornelia M Borkhoff, Joanne Lally, Carrie A Levin, Daniel D Matlock, Chirk‑Jenn Ng, Mary Ropka, Dawn Stacey, Natalie Joseph Williams, Celia E Wills

The preparation of the ORIGINAL 2005 IPDAS Collaboration Background Document was carried out by 12 writing teams. Previous Steering Committee members.

Last modified: 2019-02-20.