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2013 November 29 – IPDAS Publication
The International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IPDAS) Collaboration’s Quality Dimensions: Theoretical Rationales, Current Evidence, and Emerging Issues. A supplement in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making now available.

In 2003, the International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IPDAS) Collaboration was established to enhance the quality and effectiveness of patient decision aids by establishing an evidence-informed framework for improving their content, development, implementation, and evaluation.

This 2013 series begins with a paper describing a) the ten-year evolution of the IPDAS Collaboration itself and b) IPDAS's 12 core dimensions for assessing the quality of patient decision aids. Next, 12 papers present an updated theoretical rationale, the current empirical evidence, and the emerging issues underlying each of these core evaluative dimensions. Finally, the series closes with a systematic review of the implementation of patient decision support interventions into routine clinical practice. A total of 102 authors from 10 countries contributed to this supplement.

Available here.

2013 Update of the IPDAS Story
An overview of the activities of the International Patient Decision Aid Standards (IPDAS) Collaboration. An update to the version originally presented at the 2011 International Shared Decision Making Conference held in Maastricht, Netherlands.
2013 August
Creation of the IPDAS email list, IPDAS@listserv.dartmouth.edu. It will be used:
  1. as a membership register,
  2. to communicate,
  3. to agree on a process to convene a Steering Group (vote for chair/members),
  4. for future research / development of the criteria.
To be added, ask a current member to introduce you by citing your interest and expertise relevant to IPDAS. If you don’t know a member, see the Who’s Involved? page.
2013 February – GEM-SDM rating phase!
The GEM-Shared Decision Making Workspace (GEM-SDM), a project initiated by the National Cancer Institute's Process of Care Research and Science of Research and Technology Branches, is intended to facilitate discussion in the research community about priority SDM antecedent, process and outcome measures.

GEM-SDM allows the research community to contribute their own SDM measures in the workspace and to provide feedback on the suggested measures. Your ratings and comments are very important. These contributions – from the scientists working in shared decision making – are what sets GEM-SDM apart from a simple repository of measures. Instructions on how to rate measures here.

2012 Update of the IPDAS Collaboration Background Document

Provide Suggestions for IPDAS Quality Dimensions

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